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Thread: ASP, meta tags, and search engines

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    Question ASP, meta tags, and search engines


    Two questions - answers are probably quite simple (hopefully)...

    1. I'm thinking of converting my site to use a navigation bar generated from asp code. This means that all the pages will be asp pages, although most of the actual content will be html. Do search engines pick up asp pages, or am I likely to lose my search engine ranking as a result of doing this?

    2. I was also wondering if it is possible to use an asp include command to insert the meta information (i.e. description, keywords etc.) into the individual pages from a central source, or would this mean that search engines would not see the information?


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    They will probably see the generated ASP includes in a similar fashion to browser; it depends upon how you name the files to whether a search engine will rank you higher or lower.

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