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Thread: URL Address stay same on everypage

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    Exclamation URL Address stay same on everypage

    Hello, Can you help me I am making a website which will be security safe login. so When the webpage with textfield of Username & Password when i login. It take to other pages e.g

    www.websitename.com/login.asp = it login page
    www.websitename.com/welcome.asp = that where it login submit

    So when i login in my mates house. Mate can look the address so they can login in and look my private stuffs.

    So have you got any ideas how can i stop that ?

    Here is good example, go to www.runescape.com .... click the any pages and look the URL it stays same.... don't matter which page it stay same.

    I hope you can help me with that.... Thanks

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    It is usually done using frames. It doesn't provide the protection you are after though since all someone needs to do is view the source to find out the real URL.

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    .asp != .php

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