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Thread: The real Hp Vs. Dell battle

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    The real Hp Vs. Dell battle

    I am in a life and death argument with my friends who won't admit that Dell is an inferior computer. They say that because they enjoy defying me and also don't know much about computers so that is easy. They have been tempted by the dark side of the computer industry and waste desk space with their pitiful excuses for computers. I only say that cuz' I'm an HP fan, who hates dell with a passion like no other

    I need new arguments to use against them! Why are dells inferior to HP?
    Apart from these I've already used, I need more. Maybe some of these could change your minds about Dell, or improve your opinion of HP.
    -Dell makes none of the computer parts (they use the cheapest stuff they can get)
    ---Ever since Dell was started, they never made their own parts!
    ---HP made the audio equipment for the Disney movie Fantasia!
    ---HP makes more than just computers
    ---HP computers look cooler!
    ---HP also has Compaq on their side!
    ---HP computers have more cool things to add on!
    ---The dell guy was busted for pot!
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