Yeah, many people have. Cool Mausau 2000! You got your Avatar to walk and you got rid of the white space! Neato!

Oh, guess what.... When I first explained what this post was all about, I said I was in the life and death argument with two of my friends. One friend finally saw the light and sees some of the great things about HP and agrees with the fact that I should destroy this computer I'm using when it will be replaced with a new HP. If you read back in this forum, you can see what I plan to do. Instead of taking a torch to the internal computer stuff, he thinks we should use fireworks... July 4th is coming up, so that'll be no problem.

Cool! 106 posts, and Dell is still winning. I'll cry. I'm going to bang my head against the keyboard.
Oh crud! I broke a key off! Whoops! (I'm kidding 'bout the key, but I did bang my head against the keyboard)