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Thread: The real Hp Vs. Dell battle

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    No, no, no, don't hate to get it going again!

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    Another HP support story

    Aaahhh, here it is.

    Well ANYWAY... Another HP support story.

    When I got my computer I had always thought that the AC adapter got quite hot, especially when charging the battery WHILE the computer was running. I didn't really think of it much, as it didn't seem to be hurting anything and it didn't seem hot enough to cause a fire or anything like that. However, I said that I ripped the down arrow key off of my keyboard, got it sent in, and that was all great. But when I sent it in to get the keyboard fixed, I also made arrangements so that I put the AC adapter in to the box with the computer, and when they shipped the computer with the fixed keyboard out that they'd put a new adapter in the box. So I got the new adapter. Same thing. Just as hot, maybe a bit hotter. So a week ago (I think exactly a week, as a matter of fact) I was sitting right here at my desk. My screen abruptly goes dim. I look over and the ring that lights up when the AC adapter is plugged in is not lit up. I checked the connections. They were all OK. I unplugged the adapter, and plugged it back in again. Oh, FYI this was happening while the battery was charging and the computer was running at the same time. So my computer got power again, and ten minutes later the power stops again. I reach over to look at the connections again... and OWIE! Something burns my arm. I look over and the main box of the AC adapter had burned my arm! It was REALLY hot; I couldn't even touch it. I had it on a couch cushion at the time, and I unplugged the adapter and put the box on the floor, which is laminate so it didn't catch the cushion on fire. I immediately notified someone named Katrina from HP support about this. I told her that my computer has had two adapters: The one that just failed and the original that came with my computer. She said it may be the power jack on the computer itself, or it could be the adapter again. She said that she could make a case and arrange to have my computer shipped in to be inspected. I thought about it. The second AC adapter that I got... it didn't really seem new to me. It had a big green sticker on it, and it wasn't shiny and glossy like the first one was. I was thinking it was one that was already heating up and broken that they attempted to fix and it was all right for a while, and it broke on me. So I said, no, I'm pretty sure that it is the adapter. You can just send me a new one, and if this adapter overheats then I'll contact support again and say it's definitely not the adapter and it's the power jack. That way I didn't have to send in my computer and I'd be assured it wasn't an adapter issue. She agreed and send me the new adapter. I get to keep the old one... whoopie, it's useless! I depleted the battery on my computer, and started charging it. The adapter gets warm. It gets a little warmer in ten minutes. I think, "Great, I REALLY don't wanna send my computer in..." but it doesn't get warmer. Yaayyy! This third adapter is good and it's not the computer itself!

    So the message to this story: If you think your HP adapter gets quite warm and you get a replacement, make sure the replacement is brand new. It should be shiny and glossy and not have a big green sticker on it. If you get one that seems refurbished like that one I got, test it, and if it gets just as hot or hotter as the first one, ask for a third one as the refurbished one may have been having the same problem before it got to you.

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    Oh, my adapter has gotten REALLY hot, and I have a Compaq.

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    What is it with hp and adapters? Similar to my problem back 40 years ago when this thread started. At least you didn't have to jump through hoops to get them to agree that it was the adapter.

    My new experience with hp will be coming soon since you opened the thread, but I just don't have time right now for that. Eric, before you go telling me how time is infinite, look it up in the dictionary. There is a finite amount of time between now and me having to be at work. Later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wamboid
    but I just don't have time right now for that. Eric, before you go telling me how time is infinite, look it up in the dictionary.
    You don't have the opportunity right at the moment, but the next opportunity you get please tell us about it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Initial Man
    Oh, my adapter has gotten REALLY hot, and I have a Compaq.
    Just complain about and they'll give you a new one, no problem! Like I said in my last post, just make sure that if it seems to get just as hot or hotter than the last one that this second adapter doesn't seem to be refurbished. Look for one that's nice and shiny and glossy, without extra stickers on it. If the gloss is faded off the second adapter you get and it has a big, circular green sticker on it and an "OK" sticker on it, it probably is NOT "OK". If they want you to send it in to have the power jack inspected like they first wanted mine, just say that you'd rather try a new adapter first. And if you get a brand new, shiny adapter and it still gets hot, then you can send your computer in.
    Last edited by EricG1793; 06-26-2007 at 11:36 AM.

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    Well, I have a Dell repair story!

    We bought my son a new Dell laptop since he's going to college in the fall and we wanted him a couple of months to get used to it and Vista and transferring all his stuff over. He's a theater major, so he watches a lot of movies. The bottom of the screen showed more light leakage than we cared for but I've never owned a laptop and didn't know what was normal.

    So, I called tech support at Dell on Monday afternoon. The guy didn't know what "light leakage" was but put a ticket in calling it a "white band at the bottom of the screen". The laptop was only five days old so they were going to send a new screen and give us on-site service.

    Tuesday morning at 8:00AM, a tech called saying he was expecting the new screen to arrive at noon and wanted to know if he could come out about 2PM the same day. Fine.

    Around 1:30PM, the tech called and said he was delayed at his current service call and would 3PM be OK. Fine.

    Tech showed up around 3PM. I showed him the screen and wanted his opinion whether the light leakage was normal because I didn't know. He said he had a similar laptop and considered it the same, that is, normal. He also pointed out to me that he could still replace the screen if I wanted but his replacement was a refurbished item and I might not want to do that, especially because he didn't think it would improve anything. I said, no, don't replace it.

    He then showed me what he thought were a couple of cool Vista things and left. Nice guy.

    About an hour later, Dell service support called me and wanted to know why I didn't have the screen replaced. This guy knew what I meant by "light leakage" and wrote down what I had to say. End of story.

    Conclusion, Dell was quick, responsive, helpful. I am pleased.

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    Hmmm... I don't hear that many good Dell support stories.

    I suppose you were quite lucky! Congratulations...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricG1793
    Hmmm... I don't hear that many good Dell support stories.

    I suppose you were quite lucky! Congratulations...
    Must not have read the whole thread then, I've told of similar response times.

    Continuing the theme started in the other thread, the things said about Walmart and Dell were just silly. Just being at Walmart doesn't make something bad. Buying a bike at Walmart obviously wouldn't be as good as a real bike store. It says right on the display that assembly is required or they will assemble it for you. If thsy have to assemble it, it will just be some employee that probably doesn't know any more about bikes than you. Buying a computer there is different since it will come to them assembled.

    Now, if you really want to cut down Dell just because they are sold at Walmart, why have you been an HP supporter in this thread thus far? Come on now, be consistant! HP has been sold at Walmart for years. All this proves to me is that, as I've continually said, is that they are both junk. I just think Dell is slightly less junk than HP. If all you want is a cheap computer for basic computing like the internet, email, and office stuff, either will probably be fine. If you want to do anything requiring a higher end computer, build it yourself or find someone who can. It will be cheaper and will probably run better, at least if I build it.

    I was going to tell about my latest HP trouble, but can't seem to get the energy up to do it. Long story short, I needed to copy some files from an HP that had the CPU die to a new one. I was just adding the old hard drive to the new one since it was still fine. The inside of the computer was the worst rats nest I've seen for years. There was no room inside to hardly use my fingers and cables were just hanging everywhere with no organization. In contrast, I worked on a Dell at my office the following day, actually trying to do the exact same thing as on the HP. All of the cables were run along the sides of the computer and very neatly placed. I was in and out in a tenth of the time as on the HP.

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    Exclamation The real Hp Vs. Dell battle

    Hp I love the.
    I have had over 5 hps come through my home and they have all been great.
    My friend on the other hand does not know about computers and says dell rock even though he has had only 2 dell and has not really used Hp.

    What do you think is better and why Hp or Dell? If you have stories tell them!!!!!!!

    Remember not to talk about the home made or customs they do not pertain to the question?

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    Doing a search of the forum before posting or simply scrolling down a bit to this Dell vs HP thread will give you enough stories and info to make you sick of both Dell and HP for weeks after reading the entire thread.

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    Talking Tell, Tell

    Can you tell some to me? If they are good.

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    I'm confused... someone re-named this thread? Hmm...

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    Angry The did

    The threads were merged i do not know how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm sure there are a lot of things you don't know, do they all make you angry?

    My guess would be that a moderator merged the two threads since it's pointless to have two on the same topic.
    Every fight is a food fight when you’re a cannibal.

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    No, I don't think that the threads were merged... just re-named, because all of the content/posts/replies are in the same, and in the same order.

    I think, maybe, someone may have re-named it so it'd show up better on a web search? Either that or people kept creating more HP vs Dell topics here, so someone re-named it so emphasize that this is the oldest, longest thread, therefore it's the REAL HP Vs. Dell battle.... That's my theory.

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