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Thread: inputbox vs. onload and then....

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    inputbox vs. onload and then....


    i have a submit button + input box, which value i fill with onload in <body>.
    if i click the submit button, it will make a formular submit.

    my question is: can i replace the submit-button with a js-function on the inputbox that generate the same action as the submit button ??

    i have tried "onchange" but it didn't work, because onchange need :

    1. a klick to the input box
    2. value change
    3. another klick outside the input box.

    but in my case, i only have a value change of the input box from onload()

    thanks for the help

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    you don't have to have a sumbit button to submit a form!

    you can submit the form at anytime you want to using javascript!


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    oooo if i combined settimeout() with your suggestion, i think it would work just fine... i didn't think about .submit() because i want "to admire" the value in inputbox, before the form beeing send. If i have a submit-button it would do the trick and i have time to admire it....

    but as i said, settimeout before .submit() would do the trick.. what do you think Robdavid ?

    thanks for your help

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