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Thread: A popup form that works without changing the whole page

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    A popup form that works without changing the whole page

    I've seen this on Tiffany.com (after you choose a country)

    they have on the bottom left a button, and when you click on it you get the form to join the mailing list. when you submit it's processing and show you a "thank you" instead of the button, without changing the whole page.

    I'm new to javascript so please be gentle, thank you in advance.

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    <script type="text/javascript">
    function showHide(ElementID){
    	var oElement = document.getElementById(ElementID);
    	if(oElement.style.display == 'none'){
    		oElement.style.display = '';
    		oElement.style.display = 'none';
    <a href="Javascript:void(0);" onclick="showHide('divFormParent');return false;">showform</a>
    <div style="position:relative;">
    <div id="divFormParent" style="display:none;position:absolute;z-Index:1;">
    <a href="Javascript:void(0);" onclick="showHide('divFormParent');return false;">close</a><br>
    <SELECT NAME=sections size="5">
    <OPTION>Web Authoring Reference</OPTION>
    <OPTION>FAQ Archives</OPTION>
    <OPTION>Design Elements</OPTION>
    <OPTION>Feature Article</OPTION>
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    Thank you very much

    Thank you for your very helpful reply!

    I was busy implementing it, and I appreciate it a lot.

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