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Thread: Betterway to use global variable in webapplication

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    Question Betterway to use global variable in webapplication

    Hi All,

    I am looking for how to use global variables in my web application.
    I have properties file in database and thus whenever required, we retrieve from database. All properties are alomost readonly. Once in a while they get changed in database. Thus server restart is not a problem when any value gets changed.

    Inorder to increase the performance, I am planning to use global variables for all properties which will make properties available through out the application and reduce the database interaction.

    I have an idea of using Static class to save the values and access these values. This is a webapplication and exists in Websphere server.

    Can anybody give me better ways of solving the problem and any flaws of using static class for this purpose.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    thats not a bad idea at all. create a class with static props and use them accross the board. This is fairly common practice.


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