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    Hi I've already posted this before, but still need an answer and I'm hoping someone can help. I'm a javascript newbie and got this code from some free javascript site to animate some text. I just need to be able to click on the animated text and go to the page being referred to. Can anyone help please? I did get a response the first time from Dok, but still don't know how to apply it really. Please see code below and the bit in bold is what I would like to be clicked on.
    fifteenth="Don't Forget To Check Out Our Special Offers!";sixteenth=1;var nineteenth=document.getElementById && document.all;seventeenth=new Array();seventeenth[0]=-1;seventeenth[1]=-3;seventeenth[2]=-6;seventeenth[3]=-10;seventeenth[4]=-8;seventeenth[5]=-3;seventeenth[6]=-2;eighteenth=0;twentieth=0;first2="";
    function second2(){
    if (nineteenth && !sixteenth){third2.innerHTML=fifteenth;return;}
    if(fifteenth.length > 6){
    for(fourth2=0; fourth2 != fifteenth.length;fourth2++){first2=first2+"<span style='position:relative;' id='n"+fourth2+"'>"+fifteenth.charAt(fourth2)+"</span>"};third2.innerHTML=first2;first2="";fifth2();}
    else{alert("Too short message!");}}
    function fifth2(){sixth2=(document.getElementById)? document.getElementById("n0") : document.all.n0;sixth2.style.left=-twentieth;
    if(twentieth != 9){twentieth=twentieth+3;setTimeout("fifth2()",30);}
    function fifteenth3(){sixth2.style.left=-twentieth;
    if(twentieth != 0){twentieth=twentieth-3;setTimeout("fifteenth3()",30)}
    function seventeenth3(){first2="";
    for(fourth2=0;fourth2 != fifteenth.length;fourth2++){
    if(fourth2+eighteenth > -1 && fourth2+eighteenth < 7){first2=first2+"<span style='position:relative;top:"+seventeenth[fourth2+eighteenth]+"'>"+fifteenth.charAt(fourth2)+"</span>";}
    if(eighteenth != (-fifteenth.length)){eighteenth--;setTimeout("seventeenth3()",30);}
    <h1><div align="center" id="eighteenth3" style="color:red"></div>
            <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    if (document.all||document.getElementById){third2=(document.getElementById)? document.getElementById("eighteenth3") : document.all.eighteenth3;second2();}else document.write(fifteenth);

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    from some free javascript site
    It seems you really do get what you pay for.

    I certainly remember this code . The off-putting thing is that it looks like lovingly constructed, elaborate nonsense, created by someone with far more ingenuity than Javascript wisdom.

    It might be easier describing what you had hoped the script will do for you.

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    Javascript hyperlinking

    LOL - it is true, you really do get what you pay for.
    I had just wanted something that would show on the site alerting the clients eyes to the special offers available. Here's the site www.orlandodisneyvillatorent.com (bottom left). I had wanted to be able to click on the moving text and it'd send you directly to the Special offers page. Any ideas?

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    Question Will this help

    Will athis help:
    See postings (#2 and #10 specifically)

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