As if Erratic behavior and IE6 aren't synonymous. Well I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue on and off for weeks now with no luck and i'm on the verge of trying to rebuild the menu completely. a former employee created it and i think its a mess. I dont like the way its written at all and it behaves totally erratically in IE6 and now appears broken in FF. bascilly the lighter blue "sub" menu bar should stretch all the way across the page just as the dark blue bar at the very top of the header does. Also, when mousing over any of the menu items (both main and sub) the entire light blue bar should appear yellow adn it should stretch all the way across the screen as well.. I believe that in IE6 this does not happen. I would be more than grateful if anyone would be willing to take a look at some of this code and give me some pointers.
the site is at .
Thanks a million