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Thread: embeding a audio file in dreamweaver

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    embeding a audio file in dreamweaver

    2:34 pm on July 26, 2007 (utc -4)

    I am wanting to embed a mp3 onto a html page. Im using Dreamweaver 8. I click on insert/media.plugin and then browse to my mp3 file.

    plugin shows up on page, but if a hit play from with in Dreamweaver I get this message.....

    "unable to find the plugin that handles this media type"

    Also, when I preview the page in a browser the mp3 plays but the controller is visible, even though i have controller="false"

    this is the code dreamweaver inserted

    <embed src="audio/InMyArms_VOCAL201.mp3" width="0" height="0" autoplay="true" controller="false"></embed>

    Do i need to install the "plugin" in Dreamweaver? also, why is the controll still visible?

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    try this...

    <EMBED src="file.mp3" autostart=true hidden=true>

    replacing file.mp3 with your file name and location.
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    thank you for your help, that fixed it right up!

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