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Thread: hosting for webvideos

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    hosting for webvideos

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to build a personal website and would like to upload my own videos. Do I need to get a special video web hosting for this or can I just use a normal webhosting? If yes, can you recommend one?

    Sorry if this question sounds silly, I am very new to the whole video uploading thing.

    Thank you in advance

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    If they are just your personal videos, you shouldn't need a special server. Just make sure the Web host allows you to post videos.

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    In fact most broadband accounts include some server space for free. Check and be sure yours doesn't before you pay for any.

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    I agree with your other posters....most servers are equipped to allow you to upload and play videos. However things to consider:

    1. How much bandwidth do you have? --> Each time a video is loaded, the file size is taken away from your month allocation of bandwidth.

    2. How big are you videos? --> The bigger they are, the more time spent on waiting to download (for your viewer), and that could impact your sites popularity and also functionality.

    Answer to these is use some type of compression sowftware, but you will lose a little quality.

    I myself have been contemplating jumping into the world of Streaming Audio-Video. You may want to inquire with your provider if they can accomodate streaming media, and if they have the software already installed for this. This will help with high quality, and drastically decrease download times...(The idea is that part of the file will already be on the page, so the user can begin viewing while the remaining file is slowly uploaded behind the scenes...so they user experience is seamless (at least that is the goal!)...good luck, and be sure to let us know how you solved your issue. C/

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    Screen cast works well:

    Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler.org

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    You can stream your videos in many different formats, windows media, quicktime, flash video. The past projects I have used http://www.rivavx.com/?encoder

    This is a free flash video encoder, hope it helps.


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    you can also upload your videos to youtube and use the youtube media player on your site for your video. Granted this does limit the quality of your media and forces you to rely heavily on youtube but may be a viable solution if you are planning on only using a limited number of videos.
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