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Thread: how to bind a data table to an asp table

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    Unhappy how to bind a data table to an asp table

    Somebody please help.

    I have a datagrid created in my asp.net application which binds to a data table. Now due to certain needs I need to replace this grid by the asp table but I am not sure how to bind data to the asp table as it doesnt have any table.datasource property.

    how do I bind a data table to an asp table.

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    You can't Bind a DataTable to an ASP Table Object. However, you could loop over the DataTable and populate the ASP Table if needed. The curious question is why do you need to replace the DataGrid?

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    Yeah did the same finally....reason is more contextual actually I have a script ready for sorting and paging...which I want to reuse for thios database nut that works with tables only

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