Hey Everyone,

I have some questions concerning Adobe Products, specifically: Muse, DreamWeaver ("Front-End").
First and foremost, I have no previous knowledge or experience with these software tools. I am a Junior-Intermediate Software Engineer (Ruby, Rails, Python, JavaScript, APIs, SQL, ect.).

I would like a overview of "Who" and "When" to use Muse and DreamWeaver, say for someone building web applications using Ruby on Rails. I know Muse and DreamWeaver are used for creating front-end UI/UX experiences, and making beautiful webpages. That being said, i'm slightly confused on how one would integrate these "templates" into their frameworks (Rails/Django).

Let's say you're building a Web App for a client, who wants a schema/database created, back-end functionality (Authorization, Payments, Authentication, Ect), and a beautiful front-end interface. Initially, i've been building my sub-par front-end with written code (HTML/CSS/JS). If I wanted to use Muse or DreamWeaver, how would I integrate these into my Rails/Django application? What are the Pros and Cons to doing this, rather than design front-end with self-written code? Can I mix-and-match, create some front-end in Muse/DreamWeaver, and even edit the Muse/DW created tempalte with CSS/JavaScript in Rails/Django App?

Thanks All