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Thread: Javascript sign up?

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    Question Javascript sign up?

    This may be a silly question to you seasoned computer folks... But everytime I try to go to my hotmail account through my ATTYahoo provider, it stops and displays that I need Javascript. What is that...and how do I get it?

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    This is what I get:

    JavaScript required to sign in
    Windows Live ID requires JavaScript to sign in. This web browser either does not support JavaScript, or scripts are being blocked.

    To find out whether your browser supports JavaScript, or to allow scripts, see the browser's online help.

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    Javascript is a programming language that is used within browser to add interactivity on a web page that you cannot do otherwise. It appears that your browser has Javascript turned off. To turn it on check the instructions on this page: http://www.mistered.us/tips/javascript/browsers.shtml

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