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Thread: Creating Your Own Search Bar

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    Creating Your Own Search Bar


    I need to create my own search bar for my website (not an entire web search, but a search field that allows users to look for things on my website). the problem is, i have designed the look of the bar so that it fits in with my sites design. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but a slightly more stylized design than your average search bar (so that it compliments my site's style better).

    1) I've never created a search bar before, period. So i'm assuming you need to do certain things in html so that the query of the visitor searches the site for what they asked.

    2) How do i incorporate my design into the search bar? (for e.g., the 'search' button that sends the query is a curved rectangle with a slight faded effect. Subtley different from a standard web site search bars, but different nonetheless). So how do i use my design (images?) instead of the custom/standard ones?

    Can someone guide me thru what to do here?

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    If you have static web pages, the easiest way to add search to your site is with Google. There are pretty thorough instructions at the site. http://www.google.com/coop/cse/

    Other search engines may offer a similar service, but I've never used tried them.

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    I use Zoom on a couple of sites, and have found it very good.

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