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Thread: pQuery - PHP + jQuery - Good or Stupid?

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    pQuery - PHP + jQuery - Good or Stupid?

    Okay, I had a debate with someone today about an infamous idea called pQuery which can be found at http://www.ngcoders.com/php/pquery-php-and-jquery/.

    I think the idea is just plain foolish as it ties the PHP to the interface and really, has no other functionality besides submitting a form. It is a minimalistic approach to a single person's idea of "something good".

    Any other comments are appreciated on this topic.
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    Well I'm generally all for modularization and keeping everything seperate, but I don't really see how PHP can ever be seperate from the interface (if by interface you mean the interactive web page the user sees). I mean in many cases PHP directly generates it.

    If it's something silly, like mixing PHP and Javascript, then I'd definitely think it a less than desirable way of doing things.

    Didn't see much info on the site and I've never heard of Jquery before.
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