Hi, I usually always write procedural JS, I guess because I'm a n00b. Recently I was asked to do some RSS stuff and i needed to parse some XML so i looked in me O'Reilly book and copied the functions they had their for creating new XML documents and loading them.

the functions can be viewed here which are the scripts for the site im having trouble with:
dont laugh at my crappy code

So everything works fine and dandy in Mozilla but in ie6 it says 'XML' is not defined. So i started reading about classes and tried creating a class called 'XML' and then using a variable called 'XML' or some other text to say new XML(), but none of that worked. I also tried to just change the classes methods to regular functions but then ie says "0 is null or not an object" but it worked in Mozilla. Anyway my question is why can't IE6 (dont know about 7) handle my script yet Mozilla can.. and maybe some hints in the right direction? franks..