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Thread: Internal Flash function to load a new MP3

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    Angry Internal Flash function to load a new MP3

    I am having trouble writing a function to load and play a new mp3 file in flash and I cant find any examples....Any code or links to code would be appreciated - wasted too much time on this already

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    I have this

    function updateSong() {
    var fo = new SWFObject("flash/previewplayer.swf", "mp3player", "300", "350", "8.0.15", "#ffffff", true);
    // need this next line for local testing, it's optional if your swf is on the same domain as your html page
    fo.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "always");
    I have this function and it working to update, but it creates a new object everytime which is not what I want, I can get my original object via:
    var flashMp3Player;
    function init() {
    if (document.getElementById) {
    flashMp3Player = document.getElementById("mp3player");
    surly I can just update this object:
    flashMp3Player. "load new song" ????????

    Any Ideas

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