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Thread: how do I upload my video into my HTML page

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    how do I upload my video into my HTML page

    Hi Guys, I am new to webdesigning, I need some help on how to add a video into my html page. I need to know the following things
    1) What is the Best approach, any free tools?
    2) I have a .avi file, which initially i want use to upload for learning purpose. Can I do that

    Any good tutorial or books which i can refer

    To give an example, I want to do something similar

    go to http://www.tripadvisor.com/
    under the heading Check under headding "videos from our travelers" click on the video tab below, a new page will open which will play the video


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    first, you need FTP access to upload your video online.

    after you've done that, you have two options:

    the slacker way, but extremely easy - embed video into your page

    the better way - use a service, like youtube or videoegg, and then add a link on your page to the video

    once you get that going, then you start messing around with page format/layout. get the video up first.

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