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Thread: Pre loading HTML?

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    Post Pre loading HTML?

    Hi there,

    I've got a question.
    My website (www.tijnes.tk) is very slow at loading.
    Thats because everything is a picture.

    But some people are allready clicking on something when the page isn't fully loaded.
    I want something, some code, some message or something.
    That there appears the message loading...
    And the message has got to disappear when the loading is done.

    I'm using freewebs.com, so i can't use any php, just HTML codes.
    Could anyone of you guys help me with this 'pre-loading-message-thing'.

    Thanks so much!

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    Rather than annoy people with that, optimising your graphics will dramatically improve load times. For example, your splash page logo is 145k - that can easily be reduced to around 30k using graphics software. Similarly, your page background image is 296k - and this compresses easily to around 40k.

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    Yes, I know I should reduce the images, but it'll also reduce quality, and there are so many pictures, and in the fututre there will be even more.
    So, I want a pre loading message to appear, cause that will be easier an d faster and it will help the problem untill I got some time to make a new website.

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    You COULD set it up such that it loads everything into a hidden buffer frame and, when it's finished loading, you have it transfer to the main frame via JavaScript.

    edit: Centauri's right, though, you should be optimizing your images better. You won't hardly notice the difference in how it looks.
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    80k is a huge web page that many people will not wait to see download. You should try to ensure that your average page size (including all images) is less than half of that.

    You do not need high quality images for the web as the screen resolution is usually very low for displaying images in the first place. You only need high resolution images if you expect everyone will print the page.

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