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Thread: DOM and frames...

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    DOM and frames...

    I can't seem to figure out what the correct DOM path is, or the DOM in general really. I've read it over and over but I cannot navigate for the life of me. If you have a good DOM reference please share it with me as I cannot figure it out.

    Anyways, I have a page with frames and each frame has its own form. I want to use some javascript in one frame to submit the forms in all the other frames.

    My HTML structure is like this:

    <frameset rows="50%,50%">
      <!-- Top row -->
      <frame src="pxlF.html" name="main" id="main1">
      <!-- Bottom rows -->
      <frameset cols="16%,16%,16%,16%,16%,16%">
        <frame src="frames/08142007_121920/frame_0.html" name="A">
        <frame src="frames/08142007_121920/frame_1.html" name="B">
        <frame src="frames/08142007_121920/frame_2.html" name="C">
        <frame src="frames/08142007_121920/frame_3.html" name="D">
        <frame src="frames/08142007_121920/frame_4.html" name="E">
        <frame src="frames/08142007_121920/frame_5.html" name="F">
    Frames A thru F contain forms. Help appreciated...

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    w3schools can give you the basics (in a very understanable way) to just about any language.

    as far as frames, you can use the DOM noted below to traverse your frame objects:

    and then, use the properties and methods available to that frame

    i belive you can reference your frames directly by their name instead of by an integer value, but i tried to test on my system and ran into other types of problems that prevented me from validating it.

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