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    Web Calendar

    Hi every body,

    I am a software engineer and implementing a web calendar like Google calendar. For this I have implemented the grid time table in the background that is made of divs. For creating an event on the mouse click I get the position of mouse coordinates and make a new div showing the event popup.
    The problem I am facing is when the event is created how ll I display it over the calendar page, means how ll I map it against the background time table. For example, if I have an event of time line 1AM - 3 AM, these divs should have another div highlighting this time period. In short I wanna to make a clone of Google calendar.


    Asif Iqbal

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    sorry, that was hard to follow. i got really tripped up on the "ll"'s

    and wheres the code? highlighting the problem area in there may yeild results

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