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Thread: IE6 Space below images

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    IE6 Space below images

    Hello. I have an slight issue in IE 6. I have an area on a page that has two columns of images floated left and right. In IE6 however, there is an annoying space that appears below the top two images (Groomer to Groomer and Off Lead). But when you refresh the page, the space disappears and appears as it should. Why is the space appearing sometimes and not all the time? Thanks.

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    IE treats images weird. Try adding this to your css:
    img {display: block;}
    That should get rid of the white space.


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    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it didn't work. IE 6 still displays a white space below the top two images. Its only the top two though, not the other ones which use the same div rules and it only appears when you initially go to the page, but goes away on refresh.

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    Hello. I have tried everything and that white space still appears. It also "shivers" in IE7 and collapses and expands when hovering over one the images in that area. I am thinking the only way to fix this problem is to use conditional statements and make IE display the pics in tables. It appears that the clear element is causing them to change heights for some reason.
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