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Thread: saving my html pages or other files

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    saving my html pages or other files

    when I go to my html folder that I have all my whatever.html files saved in and open one...then right click and go to view source...then change some things and go to save it I get this error:
    "cannot create file...blah blah, make sure that the path and file name are correct"
    which is weird since I just opened the file from the correct path and I am just doing a save...not a save as...this is on a very new Vista machine that has no other problems. Any idea why I would get this?

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    From what I know when you view source it actually opens a text file that is in the %TEMP% directory. Try doing a Save As and navigating to the location of the file and replace it.

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    good thought...I see what your mean and that does make sense...I will try experimenting with the file and see if it saves correctly...weird though becuase I never have this problem on anything but my vista machine.

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    Sounds more like the file is read only. That exact same error is displayed when try to save a read only file on Windows XP.
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