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Thread: links update dynamic data

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    Unhappy links update dynamic data

    I'm not exactly sure what this is called, so it's hard to do a search on it.

    What I'm trying to do is have a webpage that updates the dynamic data from a database based on what links are chosen on the left side of the page.

    - On one side of the page is a list of links. (ie: potato, carrot, apple...)

    - On the other side of the page is a bunch of dynamic data that connects to a MySQL database.

    Depending on what is chosen on the left side of the page, it will show the user that information from the database on the right side.
    If you click on the apple link, it pulls the apple row out of the database and presents a picture of an apple, gives some information on an apple, etc.

    I don't think this is very hard but I don't see it in any of the books I have, and have never done it before. Can someone help point me in the right direction or tell me how this is done?


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    An example, where you have a database table named 'fruits' with a column named 'fruit' and a column named 'description'.

    Put this in the left side of the page to display links.
    PHP Code:
    mysql_query('SELECT fruit FROM `fruits`');
     while (
    $line mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    '<a href="index.php?q=' $line['fruit'] . '">' $line['fruit'] . '</a><br />';
    Put this in the right side of the page to display the chosen fruit.
    PHP Code:
    if($_GET['q'] != '') {
    $fruit $_GET['q'];
    $result mysql_query('SELECT * FROM `fruits` WHERE `fruit` = ' $fruit ' LIMIT 1;');
    $line mysql_fetch_array($result);
    '<p><b>' $line['fruit'] . '</b><br />Description: ' $line['description'] . '</p>';
    } else {
    '<p>You have not selected a fruit!</p>';

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    ok, so playing around with it tonight I finally have it figured out. Apparently I found after testing it out that you cannot use the same name as the field you are ultimately trying to call.
    What I mean is if your table column is called auto.... don't call the parameter auto throughout. It just doesn't like you very much if you do.

    I thought I would post my code for those that are interested.

    The upper code before the <head> starts
    mysql_select_db($database_test, $test);
    $something = $_GET['num'];
    $query_Recordset1 = "SELECT auto, image, `desc`, `comment` FROM test WHERE auto='$something'";
    $Recordset1 = mysql_query($query_Recordset1, $test) or die(mysql_error());
    $row_Recordset1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($Recordset1);
    $totalRows_Recordset1 = mysql_num_rows($Recordset1);
    The links that call the specific row in the table
    <p><a href="test.php?num=1">Set 1</a></p>
    <p><a href="test.php?num=2">Set 2</a></p>
    <p><a href="test.php?num=3">Set 3</a></p>
    <p><a href="test.php?num=4">Set 4</a></p>
    And finally the code that displays the 3 items based upon the 'auto' field
    <p><img src="<?php echo $row_Recordset1['image']; ?>" /></p>
    <p>&nbsp;<?php echo $row_Recordset1['desc']; ?></p>
    <p>&nbsp;<?php echo $row_Recordset1['comment']; ?></p>

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