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Thread: passing a value in a link

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    passing a value in a link

    i want to pass a value through a link in to new window.

    i think have seen examples that look like:


    passing the variable x being equal to 100?

    is that right? can someone give me an example of the whole picture? then how do i test the value of x in the new window? i assume through some js code?

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    Dave -

    I think I just took a gulp from the fire hose. I can not follow - but it looks neat!

    maybe if i knew the simple workings i could then follow your more complicated example.

    So stepping back to the basics . . .

    I am just after a simple href="name and variable/value"

    then how do I retrieve that value in the named page.

    and i don't have access to server side code for this site so i will need to use js.

    so . . . one more time please . . . the basic href example and simple approach

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    got it - thanks Dave

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