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    Java Question(s)


    I have been learning Java and know how to build simple applications. (I know about Applets, error handling, a bit of the API, etc.) However, what I am stumped on (sort of) is the networking part that I am now pursuing.

    First of all: when I try sun's socket tutorial it eventually leads to the server side java script where it creates a socket and listens to a certain port. HOWEVER, when I run this script on my machine it presents an error that it cannot listen to port 4444... I have forwarded this port, shut down all firewalls but to no avail.

    Anyway, thats not that big of a deal as my scripts will be running on a shared hosts and I won't have shell access so I won't be able to run a server side app (unless I had a browser pointed to the server-side applet on my shared host 24/7?? would this work? I still wouldn't want to do this as I cannot have my puter up 24/7.) Well, after looking at some java chat scripts, it seems that the ones that don't require you to run a server app constantly use PHP or another server side language to run the server instead... how would I do this?? I have been searching for some sort of tutorial on how to use Java and PHP together but to no avail.

    Also, how would I use MySQL with Java? I assume I could do it if I could use Java+PHP but I really am stumped there..

    If there is some tutorial explaining how this PHP as a server and Java as the client thing works please direct me towards that way, thank you,


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    lookup JDBC. It lets you communicate to the database directly through Java.

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    Have you tried a different port number? Perhaps there is already something running on that port.

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