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    Exclamation In need of expert ...

    Hi again,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew any coding used to create an image uploader on your website, you know like those free image hosting sites.

    I want it to meet the following requirements:

    - is in standard format (a text field with a browse and upload button)
    - uploads to a directory/folder of my choice
    - only allows images to be uploaded (with a size limit of my choice)
    - only uploads file types of my choice

    If anyone can create such a code, please reply s soon as possible -

    Much appreciated,

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    The title of your thread is very like Need help.

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    It actually sounds to me a bit like an FTP. I think that you can set-up an FTP to do anomymous uploading (no password required). This would be useful for a page that required previously signing-in (so you don't get spammers uploading teragigs of porn or ads or cruft. I.E., -"members & family only").

    Not sure if the images become instantly available for online viewing, but it would be defeatist is this was not the intended goal, so maybe it done that way.

    I have visited sites that allow this (http://www.shadowilluminator.org/ ,for instance). Upload your digi image, and edit to add caption text whatever, paint-over red-eye, straighten, etc., and then download the improved digi image....
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