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Thread: Form inside a form possible? (Somewhat lengthy)

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    Form inside a form possible? (Somewhat lengthy)

    I am trying to maintain a church website. I am using an editor that I purchased for the users to be able to update their pages. I basically have an empty .asp page that loads in a html file using this line between the content tags.
    <!--#include file="~/searchbible/searchbiblesource.htm"-->

    The online editor allows them to edit the .htm file only. The .asp page uses a masterpage that contains the menus, banner, etc.

    My question is that we have tried pasting in some code gathered from another site that allows for someone to search the Bible. After pushing the button it should go to that site with the results (in a new window).


    If you look at the source of this page you will see that the pasted in section for the search is contained within a form. This is included inside the MasterPage's form section. Is this legal? Problem is that nothing happens when you press search. I suspect the MasterPage's action is overriding the inner form's action.

    Does anyone see another way to do this?


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    This looks like a weird mix of .Net and classic asp. To accomplish what I think you're talking about you may need to drop the search htm file in to an iframe within the .Net page.

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