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Thread: The ins-outs of allowing users to upload images

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    The ins-outs of allowing users to upload images

    Ok, so I have a client who wants users of his website to be able to upload images. These images would also need to be censored or filtered. What I planned on doing was allowing registered users to upload images to a directory and Table "A" would have the data inserted. Then in an admin area, the client would view these uploaded images and "activate" them via a link. Then the activated data would be inserted into Table "B" All images from Table B would be accessed and viewed via the website. This was how I planned to implement it, but I have some questions. Does this seem pretty standard, is there a better way? Also, what are the "safe" and "standard" methods for this. What kind of host requirements do they need? Is there a specific place these images should be uploaded too? Permissions? What should I be worried about? Any help would be appreciated, or point of reference.


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    Sounds like a pretty good strategy. You'll need server side programming and preferably some kind of database for the bean counting. About all I'd be concerned about is the file size of the uploaded images. Very few people know anything about selecting formats and encoding images for smallest size versus image quality.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if you decided you needed the capability to resize images and convert formats, on the server. Possibly also the ability to place a watermark on them.

    I have no idea where you find such tools, don't ask me


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