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Thread: Stats on Newsletters

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    Stats on Newsletters

    Hi all,

    I have trawled the net for days trying to find some hard stats on E-Newsletters... Specifically, internal newsletters.

    Surveys on readers, people signed up, how many exist (tonnes i imagine)

    Any sort of stats will do...

    Can anyone suggest another forum that I could post this thread...ie: writers etc???

    Can anyone help out???


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    I have found a few leads using the term: Email Marketing...

    Although, this focuses on the use of newsletters for marketing purposes.

    This is a good start though, but I am more looking for stats on internal newsletters.


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    and also the term: "Opt in email newsletter"

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    By "internal", I assume you mean within an organization? I am sure the stats would be dependent upon the size of the company, the focus of the newsletter, etc. Most companies would have no reason to release that info.

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    It would be interesting to know how and why e-newsletters are used and how successful the ROI is for Government organisations.

    There seems to be stats available on the implementation and use of "Intranets". Obviously the Intranet is a more used tool, but the newsletter can contribute to the companies internal goals. Both of these tools are internal communication tools.

    There is a lot of writing that says internal e-newsletters are popular (obviously they are.). There is also a lot of advice on what to include . There doesn't appear to be established stats to verify this...or investigate what types of topics are popular in an organisational internal newsletter.

    For some companies a newsletter is an investment in time and staff, I require stats to qualify this investment.

    A lot of this stuff would be organisation and newsletter specific, but I thought/hoped a study might have been completed.

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