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Thread: What are your opinions now?

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    What are your opinions now?

    I redid the site.

    Let me say that I want to tackle any kind of projects but the focus is on educational sites, so I am trying to incorporate this in the look of the site at the same time not insisting on it too much.

    The pictures are all links. If that's not obvious enough please let me know.

    Mania thanks for your feedback, I just read it and I havent validated my code yet. I am looking forward to hearing your opinion now. Is it wrong if the cover page has mostly pictures if there are plenty of links with information?
    (invatamant online is a whole new website - in the making)

    I particularly want to keep the diamond because the company's name is graphite and graphite is very close chemically to a diamond but it is soft.
    So a soft diamond, get it? Sorry if that was corny too. But I'm still keeping the diamond.

    website is: http://grafitgroup.ro
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    What was wrong with the previous thread?

    Anyway, you've made some good improvements and it's definitely better.

    Since making a good website is an ongoing process I still have further suggestions that you may take into consideration.

    - I really don't like the brown background. It's better than the old thing for sure but not attractive at all. How about try setting the brown background as plain white and the navigation links as plain underlined links (use default blue or other color to match your design)? I think this would make the design more easy on the eyes and have a clean, professional look.

    - Try creating a decent logo or/and try thinking some sort of tagline to go along with that.

    - The 5 pictures could use an additional link under the picture with the title of the application for example. Also try to keep the look consistent when moving to these other pages. Currently I am transfered to individual pages completely different from the one I just left from and I see no indication that I am even on the same site anymore.

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