Ok let me try this another way since no one could help me the way I posted it before.

I was given the JS I have and told to modify it as I needed and I did that part. But sadly the person that gave it to me has vanished and can't help me do more.

I have a page I'm working on(found here) where someone enters information on it and the info is tranfered after a few calculations to another page. I know how to alter the exsisting js to make it look like I want but I'm not sure how to add new fields and make that info go to the pop up.

I'll break it down even more. I want to add a text field to the first page so people can type into it and that text will go to the right point on the page.

Think of it like this. One page one there needs to be a text field for Name:[ ]. On the pop up window there is Name: and I want the name from the feild on page one to go there. Can anyone help me?