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Thread: Javascript works on HTML page but

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    Javascript works on HTML page but

    does not work when it is copied in to an Aspx page.

    so what im doing is taking a website that was built in html and throwing it into aspx so i can have the vb code behind to do database work with the site. For some of the pages there are some Javascript files that are included. The javascript files are being used to communicate with a flash "slider" that is on the page. The object is that when the slider moves it sets a cookie that increases a number from 0 to 100. The problem Im having is that the pages work perfectly when they are in their .htm format. But even if i throw the html directly into the .aspx page the Flash slider no longer works.

    Any idea on what im doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. If you would like some of the code just let me know.

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    Don't cross post. The other post has been removed.

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    Best bet would be to load the page in Opera or FF and use the DOM inspector to investigate what might be causing a problem. That and post code if you still have problems.
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