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Thread: cross browser frames

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    cross browser frames

    I haven't seen any information on this problem anywhere so hopefuly this post will call attention to it. I'm building a basic frameset but I can't seem to get the frames to lay out the same on IE and NS. I have set all of the margins and borders in the frames and bodies to 0 but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Netscape doesn't respond well to minor adjustments in the frame size. It seems to only adjust in 5 pixel increment. For example, 200-204 set the frame to the exact same size. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Is there an elegant way to solve this problem?

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    IE makes room for the scrollbar in the screen size even if there is none to be had. It is narrower than in NS. Maybe this is what you see.
    Make a blank page with a color background and see.

    <body bgcolor="#000000">

    If there is a scroll then NS makes the room. So the trick seems to be to make the page just a bit more in height for a slight scroll since the space is there anyway.

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    Re: cross browser frames

    Originally posted by bisqui
    I'm building a basic frameset but I can't seem to get the frames to lay out the same on IE and NS.
    Mayby you should link to your page so we can spot and help you correct possible errors in your code?
    // Stefan Huszics

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    found the answer. jdavia was on the right track...


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