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Thread: Easy compare for ints?

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    Question Easy compare for ints?

    Well I will go straight to the point!
    The thing is that I have an array with differant values from 1-6, all the values is placed in arrays called "array[1],array[2],array[3], etc up to array[6]. Each array has a random value between 1-6. As you might have figuered out I have done a six very simple dices....

    The thing is that I want to check if any of the six dices has the same value as a nother, or in other words i want to check if its a "pair" or "thriss" and etc..

    For example: if the arrays returens the value of 1,2,3,3,4,4
    Then I want the code to for example check first if thier is any more number one in the arrays..then check for the same thing with number two and then the same for the third and fourth.
    So is thier any way to check if a number gets back in the same line of numbers..? Or will I have to make some loops for it?

    Just ask me if you didnt understand what I meent^^..got sort of messy in this post....

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    U should really outline more clearly what is required what exactly are u trying to do? Post the original problem

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    create a new array called totals. Each index into the array will represent a dice roll result. Each index value will represent the total number of times that value appeared.
    for (i = 0 to 5)
    totals[i] = 0
    for (i = 0 to array.length-1)
    now if you want to see how many times 3 showed up, look at totals[3]

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