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Thread: ftp upload

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    ftp upload

    I am trying to help set up a website and I need to set up an ftp download(?) kind of thing where the client is able to send me digital files. They can send us any files like pdf files, powerpoint, etc. where we can receive the entire file fast and be able to work on it on our end.
    They could send us an e-mail with an attachment but that is very slow, so we do not want that option - we want ftp download option.

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    The easiest thing to do would probably just be to setup a web folder that you both have access to. I'm sure you can buy space in a web folder somewhere if you both don't have access to the same server. That way you could just drag and drop files without the hassle of attaching them to e-mail.

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    ftp download

    I am all set with that now. Thank you so much for helping. I was able to go to my host and have them go through the steps and set it up.
    Thank you

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