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Thread: Incredibly stupid question from Newb

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    Incredibly stupid question from Newb

    Just looking into XML for the first time. Thanks for any help.

    I have a flash script that loads an XML file.
    I store my data in a Db (MySQL) and use PHP to interact with it.
    My host does not allow fwrite, fopen, etc. and does not provide access outside of the web root (Godaddy), so writing the XML with php and saving it to the server would not be very easy for me or secure I would think.

    Q: Can the flash script call a URL that contains a php file that outputs XML (using DOM I guess) and actually load it without the file ever being saved anywhere, or displayed for that matter?
    Is that the way this works?

    I'm ultimately trying to provide an option to add data from the Db to the Flash movie by marking a checkbox in an editor, with XML being the intermediary.

    Thanks for your help.

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    As long as your flash script can open the PHP file via HTTP (as opposed to a local file-system call), it should be doable. You would need to open it via a "http://..." type link so that the web server processes through PHP before outputting the result to the calling Flash script.
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    Got it.

    Thanks for your reply. It worked. Now I can feed all kinds of flash without having to use loadVars(). Most of the flash I see is set to load data from xml, so this will open up a lot of doors.


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