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Thread: I really need a web developer's help in choosing a web host

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    Question I really need a web developer's help in choosing a web host

    I am a freelance web designer, but I have a client who wants to change web hosts (because the one he has now is just awful). The site he has now was made using coldfusion and almost always has errors. Some of the features he has on his site now that we would like to keep are the photo gallery, event calendar, database that is integrated with an online management system so we can send broadcast e-mails, etc. I only have client-side experience so I have no idea who or what to look for in a web host. I have done some reading and I think I would prefer a linux host, but I'm not sure of that either. Anyway, any and all help is very appreciated! Thanks.

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    I'm not the person to answer this question, but as a point of clarification, what is the client planning to do with the ColdFusion applications? If he keeps them, then you're looking for a host that supports ColdFusion, if he's planning on starting over with all new applications, then your choices are much broader.


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    a web developer's help in choosing a web host


    You can add sub domain to the client's domain name, and point this sub domain to another web host, with ColdFusion support. After that you can move a part of the website to new web host.

    This way you'll keep photo gallery, calendar, etc.

    Alex Webs,

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    the big daddy - goDaddy?

    Hi - I haven't shopped around a huge bunch, but was on goDaddy today for a client of mine and noticed they supported cold fusion (extra $). But they are pretty cheap and I've had good luck with them - although I haven't used any of their cold fusion stuff. I've utilized PHP and mySQL with them with good luck with a shared linux host.

    Hope that's a starting point anyways!

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    Smile No to "GD" above comment .... free comes with a price

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    I know it sometimes gets a lot of flack, but personally I can't recommend Site Ground enough http://www.siteground.com/

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    I am using hostgator for my website and they have been pretty amazing. I have never used any other host but I have done research and saw the least complaints about hostgator and even before I had them as a host i went on their site and used the live chat to talk to one of their representatives to ask questions about what they offer and they replied in less than a minute and since I have been using them as a host, they still reply in less than a minute to solve any problem I have. I think they offer pretty good services, etc. Personally for me it was between hostgator and 1and1, but after reading a few more reviews i realized that hostgator was probably the best choice.

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