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Thread: copying html from view source

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    copying html from view source

    When I copy the html from "view page source" why does it copy the html code into normal, html and preview in FrontPage? What am I doing wrong?
    What I do is:
    1. Highlight the entire code on the page
    2. Go to Edit, Copy
    3. Go to FrontPage and paste in the html page
    Why does it not do it? Supposedly, if you see the source info you should be able to copy and have it do the same thing, right?

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    As I pointed out in one of the other posts,unless you figure out the configuration for the utility u r using,a work around is to copy and paste the html code first in notepaf and then from node pad to your FrontPage editor

    clumsy but works..

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    FrontPage thinks that you are pasting code that you don't want in your page; therefore, it turns all <'s to &gt;'s, etc.

    Using khalidali's workaround is the best method, and there may be an option in FrontPage's configuration that changes this.

    But as a faithful user of Notepad, I can't help you with that. :P
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    This doesn't have to be your problem, but sometimes if after you select and copy, and don't de-select it, you may not be able to paste it in another editor.
    On the other hand FrontPage might convert some of the code to a format it knows best. Especially if it wasn't done there in the first place. NotePad or another editor probably is better. I use Arachnophilia, It is "careware".

    Try opening it up in FrontPage instead. Then view the code to do whatever you want with it.

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