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Thread: Seo and Ajax

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    Seo and Ajax

    hi i am working on a project. it is going to be a rather large site and we are looking into controling the page content through ajax. so baically there will be one page and the content will be created through an ajax call to a seperate file. for each link clicked.

    My question is how would this affect search engines, what are the down sides and upsides.

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    I'm guessing its to late to turn back now... I'm all for it, only because there has been such a drive with AJAX how could you avoid the desire to use it.

    Yes there are some issues but I'm not so worried the SEO issues will be around for long. I might suggest having a non-AJAX link area to some key content scattered thoughout the pages just to help balance and give you some anchors perhaps.

    I'll also suggest reading this article she makes a couple nice points...
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