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Thread: Open a new instance of Word?

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    Open a new instance of Word?

    I have the link to the file, but can I open an instance of excel from the javascript?
    I tried this, but it doe not open, the page just loops back on its self.

    <script language=javascript TYPE="text/javascript">
    function opendoc(xlink) {
    var myshell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.shell");
    myshell.run( '"c:/program files/microsoft office/office10/winword.exe" ++ xlink', 3, true );

    Javascript is stripping the "\" from the link. Hummm.. Any way around this?

    (Javascript writers I'd like to slap for $100 Alex. "Lets use the backslash for the escape code")
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    \ is the escape character in JScript so you need to escape it to give it back its regular meaning \\

    Assume that this is for an intranet since Internet Explorer is the only browser to support JScript and those commands have no JavaScript equivalent.

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    I am pulling the link from a database to populate segments of the page. I suppose I could replace the single"\" with the double "\\".
    I'll try it today!

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    I pulled that code from a non dated web page. is there a way to do it in javascript?

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