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Thread: neew help PLIZZZ!! stoping copy of a page

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    neew help PLIZZZ!! stoping copy of a page

    im developing something in VB and the oput is a html. I REALLY need a script that blocks any attempt of copying this output.
    At first i thought of blocking both mouse buttons, but if i do this i cant use the scroll of the page. so i need to block mouse right button and ctrl+C, at least
    or block the clipboard, i just dont know, any help would come usefull. PLiz i really know little about JS, so be patient and explain me with deteail


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    JavaScript is open source scripting language(inlike VB),therefore you will not be able to stop any one who whishes to steal contents from yuour pages.


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    that its not necesarily true. The output im displaying is in a browser control inside my program, its not even a true html, only a string variable with all the code of a html inside displaying on this control. So i just need the things ive asked in my other post to make it allmost copy-proof.
    It creates a temp file, but i set it to offline navigation and delete the temp, so u could copy it, if u find in memory the variable containing the html . maybe there are more ways to copy it, but with those things ive asked, should do
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