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Thread: Adding up the fields to make 100% in a form

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    Unhappy Adding up the fields to make 100% in a form


    I wondered whether someone can point me to a script which would perform a simple calculation.

    In this survey i have created

    in point 4b
    b.) What do you anticipate will be your allocation split between re-ups and new investment in funds in 2008?

    Re-ups (textfield name: ReupsSplitPercentage) %

    New (textfield name: NewSplitPercentage) %


    I need to make sure that the two fields do not add up to more than a 100%. If one number is entered the other gets automaticly adjusted. Alternatively I could add a Total field which would be a sum of the two, and which would display an error message when the sum is bigger than 100%.

    At the moment both fields have for a simple validation applied where either can be heigher than 100.

    I am a bit of a novice in java script , any help would be very much appreciated...

    Many thanks in advance!!


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