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Thread: ASP.Net 2.0 Compilation

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    ASP.Net 2.0 Compilation

    I m new to asp.net 2.0 . i was reading the article some where

    "By default, ASP.NET web pages and code files are compiled dynamically when a first request is made to the page. After the initial compilation, the compiled pages is cached; the cache is used to satisfy the subsequent requests for the same page"
    above sentense means that if i write http://localhost/webform1.aspx on url bar the then page is compiled so if page requested it is compiled at that time

    so what happens when i click on run button in VS 2005 it does not compile ASPX pages or other code or what VS studio to do when i press F5?

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    It does compile the page. The visual studio makes a request to the page and then the page is compiled and cached. Any postback to that page will not recompile it, instead, the page is retrived from the cache.

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    This is not necessarily the case, it depends on how you created the web site. Whether you added a new web site or you created a new ASP.Net Web Site Project.

    It is still possible to create web applications like you did with VS 2003 which do not use the dynamic compilation feature. Instead of choosing "Add New Web Site" to add a web site to your solution, instead choose "Add New Project" and choose the ASP.Net Web Site Project template. When you choose run, it will compile the entire site before launching the browser and hooking the debugger.

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