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    What is the best way to determine:

    1. Number of Users Logged in at any point in time
    Im using forms authentication can that be used in any way to count the logged in Users,

    2. Number of Visits to any Page in the Site. So that it does not count the same User twice "or not".

    Would be nice to have the most accurate data as possible.

    Anything Considered not sure where to start?

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    dear you can make a field in user table "Login" and when user logged in to you site then update "Login" with 1 and when logged out then update with 0 and use this query to count

    $query=Select COUNT(users) form userstable WHERE Login=1
    if any problem then ask me

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    yeah thought about it, but it wouldn't it be the same as creating a single record in a table and updating it when someone logs in and logs out.

    The User table would also need to be updated for automatic Logouts, I'm guessing the query would take longer to count the records than a single select statement?

    Name Logged In
    Steve T
    John T
    Bob F
    Grant T

    Or Just


    Why do it the long way round? (I'm using Cookies for Forms Authentication)

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