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    Photographer login

    Let me first start by saying this site is a fantastic resource for developers of all skill levels. I have learned a great deal so far just by searching around the forum, but sometimes all the info can be a bit overwhelming for a novice such as myself. Having said that, i could really use some advice.
    Ive created a site using a css template in dreamweaver for a friends photography business. What she would like is to have a page that clients could go to and view there photos securely and then purchase the ones they like kinda like these photographers websites


    She also wants to be able to update this section herself with new photo libraries every day, adding clients and there passwords. How do i create these pages and how do i give her the ability to edit them on her own?
    Thank you very much for your help.

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    boy... oh boy... how do I put this...

    These examples you gave me are from services these other photographers use. They are not part of there normal sites.

    the first link goes to http://morephotos.com/ if you take off all the extra address stuff. the second link the mainsitedomain address doesnt work.

    I have a client who I just finished the site a couple weeks ago that uses Pictage www.pictage.com they absolutely RAVE about this service! It's been a great addition to they're business!

    Here is a link to the site I've done that completely intergrates the pictage service to their site. You'll notice that the links on the preview page goes to another site. Where the viewer registers and can then order prints.
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    Perfect! Thank you very much for your fast response and complete answer. Your website looks great by the way.

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