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Thread: Do I need to upgrade

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    Do I need to upgrade

    I purchased Adobe Creative Suite CS2 just before they introduced CS3 to that I would be compatible with the nonprofit that I volunteer with. I'm pleased with it and have no need for the improvements of CS3. However, I'm purchasing a new computer with VISTA as the operating system. Adobe says that I need to upgrade for hundreds of dollars. Is it true that CS2 will not run on VISTA?

    In particular, CS2 included Dreamweaver 8 which is the main program I use.


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    Though I have no hard hitting proof, Al Sparber from Project Seven mentioned the other day that most people upgrading to Vista w/ DW 8 experienced little to no problems. He tends to be a reputable person to believe. You might want to get an official statement on Adobe with your particular case in mind.
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    I'll give it a try


    Adobe said that I would have to upgrade, but the person I talked to did not seem knowledgeable. From what you say it sounds like it is worth giving it a try.



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