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Thread: Javascript or PHP?

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    Javascript or PHP?


    I'm still a bit of a newbie so please don't shoot me down if i'm way off the mark here

    I've created a payment form for a new site i'm working on.. It contains radio buttons mainly..and two dropdown menus..

    The selected radio buttons contain prices that need to be calculated when the submit button is hit.. also the drop down menus contain text that needs to be recorded..

    Ideally when the submit button is hit the prices on the radio buttons would be added up and presented on a new page along with the text selections in the dropdown menus..

    What would be the best tool for this javascript or php?

    I would very much appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction here...

    Thanks very much

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    It really has to be PHP although Javascript can in theory do that to. The main reason is that when you deal with the server, you use a server-side language such as PHP.

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